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We’re all competing against each other for the same customers as venues and attractions – but we need to cooperate. Otherwise the secondary market is going to take over and the customers and promoters will feel the pain.  We need to work together so that we are all better off.

We need better ways of selling tickets so that the ticket buying process is pain free for the customer and the venue and more profitable. What if we could use dynamic pricing in a cooperative way so that the customers have a real choice and everyone wins.

Dynamic pricing by yourself is great – but together it can be mind blowing.

And why the title of this post? It’s because all ticket systems are designed the wrong way. They should be designed to allow open choice, social buying and cooperative collaboration. Instead they are insular, restrictive and demand your money now.

Barry Khan (Qcue) tells us his thoughts about this in a recent TED Talk. Have a look and let us know what you think.