Nurturing Creativity in Schools – what has gone wrong?


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Ted Talks are so inspiring – this one is exactly what education for our children should be about.

Ken Robinson talks so well that the time flashes by and his thoughts on nurturing creativity just sink in. Please take the time to see it – it really is great.


Not Again! This Time Bananas!


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Monkeys are the renowned experts on some interesting things. One that has profoundly changed my life over the past few months, and which I am evangelising to everyone I can, has shaken me to the depths of my soul and I cannot believe just how wrong I was in the past.

For over 40 years I have been peeling bananas incorrectly.

The new technique is easier, neater, quicker and doesn’t leave those stringy bits that other, more popular techniques invariably do. Oh, and it works on soft ones too, so no more mushy squidgy pulped up ends any more.

Have a look at the video and give yourself a slight advantage in your life!

Tying Shoelaces – I’ve Done it Wrong for 40 Years!



There are few certainties in life, but one of them, I was convinced of anyway, was that I could tie my shoelaces.

Until, that is, I came across the following TED talk. It suddenly dawned on me that I have been doing it wrong for 40 years – and everyone that I have met and the subject came up, they too have been doing it wrong and have been suffering from laces that keep coming undone. I suspect that you are amongst them. One change in the way you do it and no more loose laces – ever again. Please take the time, only three minutes, to watch the following video – it will change your life!

No, really, it will!

Digital Asset Management – at Home and Work


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We live in a digital age – I’ve got a camera, my wife has got a camera, my children have cameras – we’ve got phones taking images and video. What do we do with it all?

What I’ve done is install a brilliant Digital Asset Management system on my website called ResourceSpaceResourceSpace Digital Asset Management System.

ResourceSpace is a piece of free software, both in cost and in concept, which was developed for Oxfam and then donated to the world. It really is fantastic. We use it at work to manage all of our digital assets, currently for 1,000 users and over 300,000 assets and it has operated faultlessly since we installed it nearly two years ago. Compared to the commercial offerings that we looked at it lacks few things – and those it does lack, we are planning on investing in the product to enable these tasks.

It will easily manage your photos, videos, pdfs, spreadsheets, documents and pretty much anything else. It is completely extendable and multiuser enabled.

It’s so good that I use it to manage my personal digital assets as well.Thanks to Dan and the team for creating this wonderful thing and ensuring that it keeps on developing.

Geocaching – One Year In


I’ve just clocked up 1 year doing Geocaching and have broken the 300 cache finds! Today, in Ickenham I clocked up number 301.

For those who do not know about Geocaching, I would heartedly recommend that you do some research and join in. It’s a Worldwide treasure hunting game, with millions of bits of treasure to find, with millions of people joining in. Whereever I go, I always spend some time looking to see if there are any interesting caches nearby and hunt them down. You’ll go to places you would not normally go and have a fab time. It’s great for the kids as well.

Have a look at the Geocaching homepage – it’s free to join and play and will change your life for the better!

Ickenham Festival


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Today, and to my great joy, I had the pleasure of going to Ickenham to play at the Gala day of their 2012 Festival.

Marching down the road, playing my lovely Baritone horn in the company of some fabulous musicians was great – although I suspect I was a bit of a let down given that the two people either side of me are professional marchers given their day jobs in the military bands!

Ickenham is a place I have never been to before and it was a great surprise to see how nice it was. Well done for organising such a great festival – you deserve all the credit you can get.

The rain kept off (mostly) and there were periods of sun (which for this summer is amazing). Thanks to Yiewsley and West Drayton Band for inviting me along – it is always a pleasure.